Gouache. Not your mother's watercolor!

Watercolor 2.0. Watercolor with an attitude. Watercolor on acid. Electrifying. Vivacious. Knock your socks off colorful. This is gouache. This is ME!

I have always been interested in watercolor painting. About 5 years ago I dove into watercolor arts and began to find my creative style. Then I was introduced to gouache paints. Watercolors that are more opaque and dense in pigment with a glue like binding agent.

I am in love with the yummy and juicy colors of gouache! I want to paint gouache candy and eat them up! If you are looking to brighten your life, try painting with gouache paints. They are user friendly, a little goes a long way, easy clean up, inexpensive, and travel friendly! Give a bit of excitement to your drawings with gouache!!

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